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On the previous chapter of the The Messengers Of Theta: Chapter 2 Akuji met his next life level untill the battle with Alishya Medows, they have made a big clash at the battlefield, between two strong skills. At the final clash, Theta appeared, Alishya and Akuji wouldn't stop with their clash, Theta helped them to stop. Because of Theta's skill Omicron appeared and attacked Alishya. But he turned away, after the big skill explosion on his face, wanna know more? Well read it and you will find out!

A New Warrior In The Fighting WorldEdit

Akuji: Well it's time to make some friends!

Master Ria: Take care, my friend

he smiled

Akuji: I'll do master!

He bows to show that he will miss him.

Theta: We will see each other again, Spiky Boy

Akuji: We will.

Alishya: Alright Akuji! Let's go!

He was like -_-

Akuji: You didn't say that you will come along..

Alishya: Ok, ok! Sorry that i didn't said that i will come with you

Akuji: It's cool if, i give you a nickname

Alishya: Ok....

Akuji: I will call you: Nytro


Akuji: Than i will call you: Reaper

Alishya: Ok....

Theta: Good luck! You will maybe see a friend

Akuji: I hope so!

Theta: (You will my child, you will...)

We both were walking happily in the forest

Akuji heard something

Akuji: Reaper did you hear that?

Alishya: Hear what?

Akuji: No sorry nothing

He heared the sound again a guy came fast from above

Akuji: Reaper look out

Alishya: Yikes!

She teleported just in time untill the unknown guy came from above

????: Just as expected, from you

Alishya teleported next to me

Alishya: Who are you?!

????: I'm Raiden Kuraiten! I'm the chosen fighter of Polemos! The great warlord!

I saw in his eyes that he wants to fight me

Akuji: Reaper, this guy is mine!

Alishya: WHA-What do you mean! He didn't even said that he want to fight

Akuji: I can see it, in his eyes

Alishya: I wanna fight him to, so let's settle this on Rock, Paper, Scizzor!

Akuji & Alishya: ROCK, PAPER, SCIZZOR!

I won with scizzor

Akuji: Ok

Raiden: You have the same skill as me, but than with an another style

Akuji: Lets see what you have!

Akuji called his Darkness Arm/Claw

Raiden: Hpmh

Raiden picks up his Darkness Blade

Akuji: Darkness Blast!

Raiden: *Teleports*

Akuji: Where is he!

He was behind me

Raiden: Wha! *Punch*

Akuji: *Dodge* Tch..

Raiden: *Kicks*

Akuji got hitted in his stomach

Akuji: Tch...

Alishya: What are you doing you were better than that!

Akuji: Ok! I must do it with my speed teleports

Raiden: Your mine! *Punch*

Akuji: *Punch* Wha!

We both punched at the same time while a small blast appeared, were Alishya flooded away. We both teleported at the same place and punched at same time

Raiden: *Pant pant* Man your fast! I think i call my friend!

Akuji: What who is this friend!

Raiden: Zeref!

Zeref appeared front of me

Zeref: Long time no see, Akuji

Zeref punched me away

Akuji: *Spits blood* Okay THAT'S it!

Akuji: Spirit Drop! *Shoots to Zeref*

Zeref teleported to a far place

Zeref: *Pant* This is enough

????: I saw your battle with the Dark Blader

Zeref: Alishya...!

Alishya: WELL LET US BEGIN! *Aura appeared*

They both teleported at the same time

Back to Akuji (I will make the battle of Zeref and Alishya on the next chapter)

Akuji: Dark Burst *Shoots to Raiden*

Raiden: *Gets hitted* Ow....

Akuji: *Dashes front of Raiden* Take this *Punch*

Raiden: *Gets hitted* Tch...

Akuji: *Kicks*

Raiden: *Gets hitted*

Raiden was flowed away to a mountian

Raiden: That's more like it!.....! WHAAAAAAAAA! *Aura appears*

Akuji: *Aura appears* *Punches*

Raiden: *Punches* Grrr......


Akuji: *Bleeds* i must finish this DOUBLE PUNCH STORM!

Raiden: *Dodges everything* Is this the way you win?

Akuji: *Teleports* TBMS!

Raiden: Blade of Gods!

Akuji: Legendary Slash Song Evolution 3!

Raiden: Black Rope Dragon Spectre!

Akuji: Tch....*Gets hitted* WHOAAA!

Raiden: Ow....*Gets hitted* Damn....