They were still using there skills at on moment, a clash appeared and on that moment they can't escape.

Akuji: Whaaaaaaa!

Alishya: Is this everything!

Akuji: (Crap.....) Whaaaaa!

Alishya: While you are still attacking my skill, i'll be ready to use my other skill!

Akuji: Wha-what how do you mean?!?!

She the left clash when i still were using my own skill.

Akuji: Crap....i can't left untill i have a new skill.....

While Akuji closed his eyes he saw a stranger

????: You can do it...

Akuji: Who are you?

????: I am you but than different

Akuji: Just tell me who the heck you are!

????: Ok, ok! I am your next life level

Akuji: Ok your weird, that's the thing i know about you

????: Just let me finish me talking! Dumbass you still have a lot of Skills

Akuji: How do you mean

Back to Alishya

Alishya: While you are talking to yourself i'm gonna charge my skill

Alishya: Whaaaaaa!

She charged her skill, Back to Akuji

Akuji: Ok just tell me how the skill look!

????: It's a Purple Blast with Flames it calls: Sigma Cannon.

Akuji: Ok! Thanks for your help!

????: No problem

I opened my eyes

Akuji: Whuut the skill is getting closer

Alishya: Not yet! Divine Explosion!

Akuji: Sigma Cannon!

It was a big clash between two strong skills

Master Ria: Stop it you two!

Akuji: We can't stop!

Alishya: We need help to stop this!

The Queen appeared Theta

Theta: I'll Stop this! Light Grenade!

The Light Grenade came between our powerfull clash

Theta: Black Hole! It's Lunch Time

The Blackhole eated the two skills

Theta: That is it. Well next time you both don't fight with those powerfull skills

Theta smilled happy

Alishya: Let's be friends shall we?

Akuji: Ok!

We both shaked the hands

Theta: Well you two are passed the exam congratz, you guys must be a tag team at the tournament.

Alishya: Which tournament?

Theta: Well i have choosed a lot of people to join the tournament

Akuji: And when is the tournament?

Theta: It's about a month

Akuji: Than we have time to train.

Alishya: We must train at the training room

Akuji: You can train at the training room but i am going to travel.

Alishya: Ok

A guy with Dark aura came from above, slowly toward to the battlefield. It was Omicron! The devil brother of Theta

Omicron: Are those the fighters you have chosed! Whahahaha! You have chosen the amateurs of the fighters.

Alishya: Take that back!

Omicron: Why would i

He laughed

Alishya: Beast Burst!

Omicron blocked with one hand

Omicron: Meet my Flames Of Doom!

Omicron shoots it at Alishya

Alishya: Tch....

Omicron: This time i'll kill you

Akuji: Queen Theta do something!

Theta: I can't....he knows my skills

Akuji: Crap

Omicron: NOW GO TO H-

Akuji: Spirit Drop!

I shoots it towards Omicrons face

Akuji: If someone gonna kill you, Alishya than will it be me.

Alishya: Thanks for saving me

Omicron: Waargh! I'll get you for thi-'s you...

Akuji: Huh?

Omicron: It's you..! The Dark Blader

Akuji: Ok....

Omicron: We meet each other again, and next time i won't show mercy!

Akuji: Ok..

Theta: Good work, you guys

To Be ContinuedEdit

On the next chapter of: The Messengers Of Theta: Chapter 3. Akuji will travel alone, for his adventure and his training. Akuji will meet a new friend to train with until the tournament. Omicron will choose his strongest people, to defeat Theta's chosen people. Wanna know more see it next time on: The Messengers Of Theta: Chapter 4

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