He has no memory of his past. He remembers when he was 5 yrs old the 2nd strongest warrior took him and trained him.when he was 13 yrs old his master dissapeared and he was left all by him self for 2 years.



He has brown hair which is uptil his neck and he has blue colour eyes and his skin colour is light. Hes as tall as a regular 15 yr old boy .His casual clothes are a white colour shirt with the colar up which is unbuttoned and a black colour Tshirt below his white shirt.He has a holders on his back for his swordand he has a belt to keep his dual shotguns.He wears brown gloves on his hands and blue colour jeans with black sneakers.


He is kind to his friend but usually cold. He is very strong and ruthless during fights which kills enemies if he needs to.He is very calm and take's down his enemies in the most painfull way possible.He loves to train. He can Dodge moves with his calm self. He has a White pet tiger who helps him to fight.He also has a split personality which makes him way more than extremely strong.

Dōbutsu(shawns split personality)Edit

As the name implies shawn starts fighting really wildly his eyes turn red and his nails grow a bit long and very sharp. Shawn has control on this form but not always when shawn cannot fight anymore or almost dies this form takes over and fights with a mind of its own.



Metal Dragon Fist (normal form)

Thousand Strike (dobutsu form)

Energy Combat:

Tiger Roar (Dobutsu form) (paralyzes enemies)

Multiple Claw slash (Dobutsu form) (user claw starts glowing blue and slashes the foe 100 times repeatedly)

sphere chaos:The User Focus All Its Energy Into Their Hands And A Sphere Appears In They're Hands.It Gets Bigger And Bigger.When It Gets Big Enough,The User Throws It At They're Enemies.Causing a Huge Chaotic Explosion.

Weapon combat:


Wild Animal Chaos Blade : this blade was given to him by his master.

Dual shotgun :It was one of Shawns earliest weapons.the bullet is dipped in the poision of the most venmous snake in the world the indian taipan. Shawn has a vial full of posion of the indian taipan (found the name from google) and mostly dips the ends of the bullet with the poision.



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