Nate Stone Is The Prince Of Steel Garden.He Is A ,Who Is Blessed With A Special Power And Is Responsible Of His Clan.He Is Train My Master Lunac.



He Has Spiky Brown Short Hair.He Has Blue Eyes,When Hes Mad,Hid Eyes Turn Black And Blue.His Casual Clothe's Consit A Light Blue Jacket Over A Green T-Shirt Over A Black Tank-Top.He Wears Black,Blue And Green Braclets On Each Arm.When Fighting,The Braceltes Turn's Into Blade's That Act As A Shield.He Wears Blue Pants And Blue And White Shoes.


He Is Nice,Kind And Polite,He May Not Look Like It But He Really Is Nice.He Is Also Tough,Courages,Fearless And Powerfull.He Is Agile,Swift And Carefull Like A Ninja.He Dodges Attacks Easily.He Can Get Mad,And Go Out Of Control.He Dosent Harm His Friends And Try To Protect Them.


Nate Is A Very Talented Fighter.He Can Be Swift And Agile.He Runs Very Fast And Can Dodge Attacks At Ease.He Trys To Find The Best Way To Fight.He Is Good At Any Combat Skill.

List Of Skill'sEdit

Hand-To-Hand Combat:

Dragon Smash

Rock Smash


Spear Strike

Energy Combat

Metal Bomb

Metal Breath

Infinty Spear

Dimension Blast

Weapon Combat

Death Wave

Mega Swing

Spinning Block

Weapon Of ChoiceEdit

Radiation Scythe: It Is His Main Weapon.He Found It In The Forest Five Years Ago.

Brace Shield: Nate's Defensive Weapon.When Activated,It Can Block Incoming Attack's


  • His Brother Is Prince Of Soul Garden.
  • He Is Prince Of Steel Garden,That Particepated At The Garden Batte Tournament.
    • Unfortunatly,He Lost To The Prince Of Heaven,Lucas.

Note's And SignatureEdit

  • He Is Made By Me.Please Do NOT Try To Steal This.I Have Worked Very Hard On It.
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  • I Will Make An Original Picture.

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