Metatrix Beast Blade Is The Main Weapon Of Alishya Medows.It Is The Main Key To Sky Garden Gate.



The Metatrix Beast Blade Was Made By The Ruler Of Sky Garden.It Was Made For The Champion Of The Sky Lord's Tournament Which Was Used To Protect Sky Garden.It Is The Key For Sky Garden Gate And The One And True Weilder Of The Blade Can Find The Key Inside The Blade.


It Has A Sharp,Flat Yet Heavy Blade With An Gold Handel With Small A Burning Wolf/Fox Head Engraved On The Handel.The Blade Is Sharpen Everyday.There Is Also A Gem Inside The Blade For A Power Boost.When It Gets A Power Boost,The Sword Glow's Blue And It Gets Even More Sharper.It Can Also Open Up And Reveal A Cannon.

Material's IncludedEdit

  • Steel Metal
  • Gold
  • Zen Star Gem
  • Beast Dust
  • Platinum Moon Rock


Canon Blast.

Wolf Fang.

Steel Titanium Block.

Sky Falldown.

Mirage Shoot.

Star Crash.


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