Levia Esfera Better Known As Levi Or Fera Is The Twin Brother Of Levisa Esfera And The Leader Of The Duo Legend:"Twin Sphere Holder's".He Is Also One Of The Protagontist In The Fanmade Anime Series:"Theta's War Of Hatred".



Levia Has Black Hair With Purple Streaks On It,His Hair Goes Up A Bit At The Back And His Short At The Front.He Has Black Eyes And Light Skin.His Causal Clothes Consit A A Black Shirt Under A Red Vest/Hoodie With Brown Shorts And And White And Black Shoes.He Wears A Special Metal Arm Chain To Keep His Sphere Yo-Yo.At All Times,He Brings A Sling-Bag With Him.


Levia Is A Energetic,Fun,Adventurous 12 Year Old.He Loves To Travel And Experiance New Things.He Can Get Hyper And Jump Around.During Battle's,He Is A Completly New Person.From The Fun Kid He Is To A Brutal,Cold And Calm Person.He Battles With All His Might And Dosent Give Up Easily.


Levia Is Good At Stealth Assasinations.He Uses His Sphere Yo-Yo From A Distance And Defeats Them.He Is Good At Close Combat But Peffers Long Distance Combat.

List Of Skill'sEdit

Hand-To-Hand Combat:

Rush Attack (Full Body)

Crow Dive (Full Body)

One Blow Million Effect (Hands)

Energy Combat:

Twirling Chaos (Full Body)

Death Blow (Hands)

Single Beam (Finger)

Weapon Combat:

Chaos Burst Rush Attack (Chaos Orb Yo-Yo)

Spinning Rush Attack (Chaos Orb Yo-Yo)

Claw Rush Attack. (Chaos Orb Yo-Yo)

Weapon Of ChoiceEdit

  • Chaos Orb Yo Yo:Levia's Chaos Orb Yo Yo Is His Main Weapon.It Can Attack From A Distance And Up Close.When Up Close Combat,The Claws Open And Attack The Oppenent.When In Long Distance Combat,The Weapon Acts Like A Gigant Bulldozer,Smashing The Opponent In Its Way.


  • This Is Made By Me.
  • You Can Use Him But PLEASE Ask Me First.


  • He Will Appear In The Series:"Theta's War Of Secret's"
  • He Is One Of The Good Wariorr's.
    • While His Twin Sister Is The Bad Warrior.

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