Second war of hatred char

john pierce (i dunot own this pic i just photoshopped it)

John Pierce is The prince of the Hell garden. He is given the power over the dead and has a lot of special powers



Accoring to the pic. he has a ring which turns into a shield called Sigmar given to him by his master pluto.


He is nice kind and polite.He helps everyone in Need but hes cold and not at all friendly to his enemies. Hes brave and Tough.Hes fast and dosent fight a lot . He's fast and can dodge almost any move.When he gets mad He goes out of control and all his skills are increased by 20000x percent.He is nicknamed the blue flash because of his speed. ( ik naruto XD)


John is Fast and hes very talented in crushing his enemies.

Hand-To-Hand Combat:

Body Smash:Rush through the opponent in such high speed they feel their whole body has been smashed.

Energy Combat

Death Mirror:The user summons a mirror made out of negative energy.When the opponent looks into it,their worse nightmare's appear and destroy the opponent from inside,mentaly.

Static Charge:The opponent makes a shield out of static electricty,shocking the opponent if the enemy touched the shield


Three Seal Dragon Blast

Summoning Magic

Three Seal Dragon Blast:The user summons the dragon from his garden and then dragon creates a very powerful seal

Extreme Wolf Storm:The user summons wolves and and the user all go around the foe with negative energy and the wolves go very fast and the foe is destroyed in the storm

Weapon Combat

Weapon Of ChoiceEdit


John weapon,Nightmare Scythe

'Main weapon:Nightmare Scythe(this scythe was given to him by his master pluto

Defending weapon (shield): Sigmar (this shield was made by the fine craftmens from the hells garden)

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The Shield Sigmar