Vital statistics
Name Himegami
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Gender Female
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Eye Color Dark violet
Health Normal
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Himegami was a princess of a faraway kingdom; peaceful, rich calm, and serene. Her father and mother were both royalties; the king and queen. Her father got into an argument with the king of another kingdom, breaking war at that point.

She tried her best to stop the war, secretly sneaking out of the castle, her dad couldn't help but join the army forces, when he saw Himegami running out of the house, he shielded her from an arrow.

She nearly fainted; the only thing keeping her up on her feet was her dad's parting words; rumors about a weapon so great, to stop the war.

Drying up her tears, she avoided enemies, however, endured the fatigue.

Behold. The weapon right before her eyes, the moment se grabbed it, the fatigue got to her until she was completely blacked out.




  • "Hime" in her name means "princess".
  • With "megami" meaning "goddess"


Piper was here! | talk page | Look here for very random doodles and art!~ XD 14:50, July 20, 2012 (UTC)

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