This weapon is a book that can materializa dreams. It can took the form of anything such as a clothing, a weapon or a body part.


This weapon can turn dreams into reality if used carefully. It can record & materialize anything that you've dreamed in your sleeps. Such as an armor, weapon or summoned monsters: just anything but as long as it was recorded in your sleeps.


The people which used this weapon shall experience nightmares. If worse, the user's mind will crumble droving them mad & finally, the book will consume the mad user & used its soul as temporarily energy to serach for another user. But these are all for plain, normal humans with simple minds.


The book will choose its own bearer & it will attached itself with the user when he/she is chosen. It can even chose souls that wandered across the worl & materialize them into real bodies. That way he/she will be be given a second chance to live.

Chong Kah How 09:52, July 15, 2012 (UTC)