Alishya Medows
Vital statistics
Name Alishya Medows
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Gender Female
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Eye Color Dark green
Health Healthy
Level Lvl 10
Status alive
weapon Metatrix Beast Blade
signature ability Wolf Fang

Alishya Medows is the main female protagontist in the fanmade anime series, "Hatred Against a Legend". She is also the rival of Akuji Maruka.



Alishya has short curly black hair. She has green eyes and tan skin. She has a height of a teenager. Her Casual Clothes Consit A Purple Buttoned Coat With A White Line That Covers The Side Of The Coat And A Black Shirt under The Coat.She Wears A Brown Belt That She Wears Sideways On Her Waist.She Has Blue Pants.She Wears Purple And White Sneakers.


She Is Kind Yet Ruthfull To Her Enemies And Opponets.She Is Very Strong And Fearless.She Does Has A Soft Side.She Can Be Helpfull And Caring.She Is A Major Tomboy And Loves To Train.She Is Flexible And Can Dodge Moves Very Stratigic.She Has A Pet Fox Named Chiubi And Is Her Helper.


Alishya Is Very Good In Battle.Her Speacilty Is Energy Combat.Although She Is Good At Hand-To-Hand Combat.She Is Also An Expert In Weapon Combat.

List Of Skill'sEdit

Hand-To-Hand Combat:

Double Cartwheel Air Drop Kick.(Legs)

Steel Metal Fist Smash (Fist)

Metal Fusion (Legs)

Metal Ground Smash(Fist)

Energy Combat:

Beast Burst (Hands)

Divine Explosion (Hands)

Weapon Combat:

Canon Blast (Blade)

Wolf Fang (Blade)

Steel Titanium Block (Blade)

Double Swing (Metatrix Beast Hammer)

Fused Combat:

Demon's Claw

Chaos Howl

Fox Fire

Weapon Of ChoiceEdit

Metatrix Beast Blade: Alishya's Main Weapon Is Her Sword Called Metatrix Beast Blade Which Was Given To Her By Her Father.

Poison Snake Dagger's: Alishya Keeps 5 Dagger's In Her Belt Which Is Dipped In Poison Snake Blood.One Mistook Touch And You Can Die In 24 Hour's.The Only Cure Is To Drink Water 5 Times A Day To Clear The Poison Out Of They're Body.


'Fused Fox Form: When Alishya Is Hurted Badly,She Can Fuse With Her Pet Fox,Chiubi.In This Form,She Is More Flexible And Can Dodge Attacks Easily.She Also Runs On All Four's,Like A Wolf.Her Combo Attack's Get Stronger As well.She Can Turn Back Into Human Anytime.

Trivia And NotesEdit

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  • She Is Normaly Called A Tomboy

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