Akuji Maruka
At his Fighting clothes
Vital statistics
Name Akuji Maruka
Dub Name Grey Hilson
Gender Male
Class Dark Blader
Eye Color Blue/Light Blue
Health Healthy
Level 10 -> 20
Status Alive
weapon Darkness Arm/Claw
signature ability Dark Burst/Sigma Cannon

Akuji Maruka (Dub: Grey Hilson) is a strange boy who came to the earth alone. He was a baby when he was found by the masters of the temple. He was trained when he was 7 by the strongest master in Japan.


He has a strange character he has an strong skill learned by his own. Akuji was strong boy he even played at the world tournament but he failed at the final round. Akuji has sometimes an alter ego. That alter ego is a legend. He cares a lot about his friends and is sometimes to happy. He is also a joker in the temple. If he is serious in a match he can kill everybody in his way.His rival is Alishya Medows



Drawn by Akuji-san

Sigma Cannon (Only with his Alter Ego)

Spirit Drop (Without his Alter Ego)

Energy Combat:

Gale Storm (Only with his Alter Ego)

Weapon Combat: (Sword/Darkness Claw):

Legendary Slash Song (Sword)

Darkness Blast (Darkness Claw)

Weapon Of Choice:Edit

The Blade Meteor Sword: It's a sword made by an amazing powerfull meteor. The meteor was falled down when Akuji was born

Darkness Arm/Claw (Lvl 1): It's a claw made by the darkness of the orbs. The Dakness Claw can reach maximum of lvl 50 it will than says: Darkness Arm/Claw lvl X


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